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Turner & Growers' Chestnut TAG Standard

NZCC, Turners and Growers Ltd and NZ Chestnut Council have agreed the following grade standards for all fresh chestnuts handled by them, as part of their TAG programme :-

  • All chestnuts must be washed and free from all foreign matter including soil, grass, leaves, and twigs and not show any signs of mould or active rots.
  • All chestnuts must be whole and free of unhealed splits, cuts, punctures, holes, insect or vermin damage.
  • Any fruit that does not look like a normal chestnut and is not pleasing to the eye is not acceptable.
  • T A G 1 chestnuts must comply with the above standards and be at least 29mm in diameter, measured on the widest side, and require no more than 70 fruit to make up one kilogram.
  • T A G 2 chestnuts must comply with the above standards but are free of minimum size and weight restrictions.

New Zealand Chestnut Council issues recommendations for orchard hygiene and harvest and storage protocols.

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