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Quality New Zealand Chestnuts and Chestnut Products

Chestnut Traders has been established to promote and market quality New Zealand chestnuts and chestnut products to both local and worldwide markets. We are able to supply fresh chestnuts (in season) and processed product. To find out more about us click here.

The 2013 harvest is now open!!

However, because of the drought, the season is very slow. "Pick Your Own" (PYO) chestnuts at our farm, from now until approx April 16th. Open 10am-4pm weekends only (Sat and Sun - but including Friday and Sunday Easter weekend). Cash Only. see here for directions

We have new season's fresh, chilled chestnuts available. Email us now!

Chestnut harvest in New Zealand, being a Southern Hemisphere country, runs from approximately the second week of March, until late April or early May. Most growers do not store fresh nuts unless thay have reasonably strong pre-negotiated sales orders. Sales contracts are generally arranged between December and February. Click here to find out more about our products.

We are strong supporters of the New Zealand Chestnut Council (NZCC). This is the "recognised industry body" in New Zealand, and undertakes a number of overall industry functions. Of particular importance, NZCC issues recommendations for orchard hygiene and harvesting and storage protocols. Chestnut Traders insist that their suppliers meet these, as a minimum. For more information about our quality controls click here.

For more information about chestnuts and the New Zealand chestnut in particular, please follow the links.

"Pick Your Own" PYO chestnuts are available at our farm, from now until approx 16th April 2012. Open 10am-5pm, weekends only - but including all Easter weekend.

Call us on (09) 420-2750, or see here for directions.

How to roast chestnuts? See how to do it.


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